BCSC 391: Independent Study

Prerequisites: None
Offered: Fall/Spring/Summer

A reading course taken by individual arrangement with a faculty member. The following procedures are required for approval of an independent study course.

  1. Obtain an Independent Studies form from the Center for Academic Support, 312 Lattimore Hall.
  2. Complete the form with the faculty member who is sponsoring your independent study. The title of the course should be "Independent Study in (Topic)". The nature of the readings and the criteria for evaluation must be clearly stated on the Independent Studies form.
  3. Leave the last copy of the form with your sponsor to be used for the evaluation of your work at the end of the semester. That evaluation will be returned to the Supervisor of Academic Records.
  4. Before the end of the first week in the semester, give the completed Independent Studies form to the undergraduate program coordinator for Brain & Cognitive Sciences (Email: ). The Committee on Undergraduate Studies will review the proposal, and forward the approved form to the Center for Academic Support. You will be contacted if any questions arise in the review of your proposal.

NOTE: This course cannot be used for BCS concentration credit.