BCSC 243: Neurochemical Foundations of Behavior

Cross-listed: BCSC 243
Prerequisites: BCSC 240 (NSCI 201) plus a basic understanding of the biochemistry of cellular function as attained in a cell biology course or an introductory biochemistry course are prerequisites.
Offered: Fall, Summer
Required or recommended for: Neuroscience Majors--this course is one of the Group A electives required for the concentration

This course introduces students to the field of neurochemistry, which includes study of the chemical composition of the brain, metabolism of the brain and the chemistry of neurotransmission. Methodological development over the latter part of the 20th century has allowed investigation down to nuclear levels. About half of the course will cover the chemistry of neurotransmission and a quarter will cover chemical composition and metabolism. The discipline of behavioral neurochemistry includes topics that range from study of the neurochemical mechanisms that underlie normal behavior to behavioral sequellae that result from severe neurochemical abnormalities. These issues will be considered in the final quarter of the course in a unit designated as functional neurochemistry. However, throughout the course, the function aspects of all neurochemical mechanisms will be discussed.