NSCI 201/BCSC 240: Neurobiology

Cross-listed: NSCI 201
Prerequisites: BIOL 110
Offered: Fall
Required or recommended for: Required for the Neuroscience major

Objectives: This course introduces students to the rapidly growing field of neuroscience, which is the study of the biology of the nervous system and its relationship to behavior and disease. The course covers topics ranging from neuronal structure and function, communication at the synapse, membrane receptors and intra- and intercellular signaling systems, to the gross organization of the brain and spinal cord, the processing of sensory information, the programming of motor responses, and higher functions such as learning, memory, cognition, and speech. While the course is introductory in nature, the level of instruction is rigorous and treats many of the topics in some depth.

Lectures: Class sessions are 50 minutes long, three days per week. Review sessions (optional) conducted by the graduate student TAs will run in the evening of the lecture day prior to each exam. Undergraduate student TAs will hold informal study groups on a weekly basis to assist you in understanding the material. Lecturers and graduate student TAs are available during office hours or by appointment.