BCSC 208: Laboratory in Perception and Cognition

Cross-listed: CVSC/PSYC 208
Prerequisites: STAT 212 and either BCSC 151 or 153
Offered: Spring

Required materials

  • Textbook: "Exploring Research Methods in Psychology Using PsychMate"
  • Software:  "PsychMate Student CD with the Activation Code"
  • Software Guide: "PsychMate Student Guide"

Purchased as a bundle from Psychology Software Tools ($108)  

NOTE: this package will NOT be available in the bookstore

This course gives students first-hand experience observing perceptual and cognitive phenomena and shows how to answer scientific questions by making such observations. Specifically, students learn how to perform, analyze, interpret, and report experiments, by doing several experiments in a sequence that gradually increases the independence of the student experimenters. An important byproduct of this learning is an enhanced capacity to interpret and evaluate the experiments one reads about. The experiments also teach practical laboratory skills, and the reports improve writing skills through practice and tutored revision.