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Jaeger, T.F. 2004. Only always associates audibly. Even if only is repeated - The prosodic properties of second occurrence focus
  • As a quick reference this handout may be useful. [pdf (200KB)]
[pdf (1.0MB)] 05/26/2004
Jaeger, T.F. & D.Y. Oshima. in progress. Towards a Dynamic Account of Topic-Structure under revision
Jaeger, T.F. & M. Wagner. 2003. Association with Focus and Linear Order in German [pdf (240KB)] 06/17/2003
Jaeger, T.F. 2002. On the Optional and Obligatory Realization of The Bulgarian Direct Object Clitic [pdf (1.5MB)] 01/15/2003
Berthele, R. & T.F. Jaeger. 2001. On the use of Construction Grammar in Diachrony and Dialectology [paper (250KB)]
[figures (275KB)]
Jaeger, T.F. 2001. Die Konstruktionen des Partizip-II im heutigen Deutsch (The constructions of the German past participle) [A4 (880KB)]
[letter (670KB)]
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