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  Annual Society Symposium


The Society for Language Development announces this year's Symposium

Timing in Development

Invited Speakers:

Takao Hensch, Harvard University
Neurobiology of Critical Period Timing

Elissa L. Newport, Georgetown University
Studying Perinatal Stroke as a Model for Language Reorganization and Developmental Plasticity

Barbara Landau, Johns Hopkins University
Developmental timing across domains: A unifying hypothesis for space and language in typical and atypical development

Thursday, November 3, from 1:00 - 6:00 pm

George Sherman Union
Boston University
775 Commonwealth Ave.

A reception will follow

To pre-register for the symposium, as well as the BU Conference on Language Development, go to

BUCLD home page:

The cost of registration for the symposium is $20 for members, $10 for student members; $50 for non-members, $25 for student non-members

SLD Student Award:

The Society for Language Development invites applications for the SLD Student Award. This award is intended to help defray the costs of attending the Symposium, for graduate students who are presenting papers or posters at BUCLD. The award includes a year's free membership in the Society for Language Development, free admission to this year's SLD Symposium, and a cash award of $75. Applicants should send a CV and their accepted BUCLD abstract (paper, poster, or alternate status) by email to Cynthia Fisher at ; applications are due by Oct 7. Up to two graduate students whose CVs show a record of achievement and of sustained interest in interdisciplinary research will be selected. Award recipients will be notified by email before the conference (approximately Oct 15), and the awards will be announced at the SLD Symposium on Thursday November 3.

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