Hi. I'm Michael Melnick.

Researcher, programmer, cognitive scientist, and graduate student at the University of Rochester

Learn about what I do

This is some of the work I'm currently doing:

Primarily in the labs of Duje Tadin and Krystel Huxlin

IQ and Motion Perception

We're working on understanding a remarkably strong correlation between IQ and motion perception. To read the paper published in 2013 click here. I am now in the process of further characterizing the mechanisms underlying robust correlation.

Recovery and perception in Cortical Blindness

I'm primarily investigating the nature and efficiency of recovered vision in cortically blind patients. Following visual retraining (see Huxlin et al 2009), I hope to understanding recovery through psychophysics and neuroimaging.

Visual Contextual Processing

This work began examines processing of apparently similar context-based illusions - the Ebbinghaus illusion, surround contrast illusion, surround luminance illusion, etc. As presented at VSS in 2014 (see JoV abstract here), these illusions follow highly abnormal patterns in older adults. In prep.

Available stimulus and analysis code

This collection will likely grow, as well as make use of subversioning via github shortly

Perceptual IQ tester

This is the packaged code used in Melnick et al 2013. If you're interested in replicating this work or making use of it in your own experiment, please feel free to email me if you have any trouble with it. It's still in beta, but bugs are easily fixed. This requires a functioning version of Psychtoolbox, a linearized monitor, and ideally a refresh rate of at least 120hz.


I'm most easily found via email! Start your email here or send one directly to mmelnick@cvs.rochester.edu